AEJ Gamefarm: The Master and Quality Breeder In Philippines

AEJ Gamefarm, located in Brgy. Suplang, Tanauan City, Batangas, is owned and operated by Edwin Dela Cruz. This renowned farm specializes in breeding exceptional gamefowl, drawing upon the strengths of legendary bloodlines like Golden Boy Sweater, 5K Sweater, Gilmore Hatch, Kearny White Hackle, and Dom. AEJ Gamefarm’s commitment to quality and performance propelled them to victory at the prestigious 2017 World Slasher Cup, solidifying their place among the elite in the gamefowl world.

Types of Gamefowl Raised at AEJ Gamefarm

AEJ Gamefarm is renowned for its focus on legendary gamefowl bloodlines. Some of the iconic bloodlines found within their breeding program include:

  1. Golden Boy Sweater
  2. 5K Sweater
  3. Gilmore Hatch
  4. Kearny White hackle
  5. Harold Brown Grey

By carefully selecting and combining these proven bloodlines, AEJ Gamefarm aims to produce gamefowl that embody the pinnacle of fighting prowess, athleticism, and unwavering determination.

Aspects of AEJ Gamefarm

AEJ Gamefarm transcends the traditional concept of a breeding operation. It’s more than just a place to raise birds; it embodies these key aspects:

Center of Excellence: You won’t just find gamefowl at AEJ; you’ll find the best. Their birds are bred to be champions, possessing incredible strength, lightning-fast agility, and an unbreakable will fight. These aren’t just birds; they’re finely-tuned athletes.

Knowledge Repository: AEJ breeders aren’t just experts but teachers. They’ve spent years learning the secrets of breeding and raising champion gamefowl and are eager to share that knowledge. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, AEJ wants to help you succeed.

Community Hub: AEJ Gamefarm is a place where gamefowl enthusiasts come together. Their online presence creates a global community where breeders from all over the world can connect, learn from each other, and celebrate their shared passion for these incredible birds.

AEJ Gamefarm has transcended the role of a traditional breeder. Their commitment to producing exceptional birds, their passion for knowledge-sharing, and the community they have built solidify AEJ Gamefarm’s legacy as a true powerhouse within the gamefowl industry.

AEJ Gamefarm Attributes

AEJ Gamefarm is one of the famous game farms in the Philippines. Their consistent success stems from a meticulous approach to breeding. They prioritize essential fighting attributes like power, speed, and intelligence. This focus is reinforced by the strategic use of proven bloodlines, careful selection of breeding stock, and rigorous conditioning and training regimens. Here are some of AEJ Gamefarm attributes:

Breeding Focus

  • Power and Gameness: AEJ Gamefarm will likely emphasize these core attributes essential for fighting prowess. Their use of established bloodlines known for these traits reinforces this idea.
  • Speed and Agility: While power and heart are crucial, AEJ birds likely possess speed and agility to evade strikes and deliver their own with precision.
  • Intelligence: Their gamefowl will likely be bred for ring smarts – the ability to adapt to an opponent’s style and capitalize on weaknesses.


  • Bloodline Knowledge: AEJ Gamefarm demonstrates a deep understanding of different gamefowl bloodlines, their strengths, and how they can best be combined for optimal results.
  • Selection: They likely possess keen eyes for selecting breeding stock. They must identify birds with the ideal physical and behavioral traits to pass on to future generations.
  • Conditioning and Training: Understanding how to condition and train gamefowl properly for peak performance is crucial to their success.

Community Engagement

  • Knowledge Sharing: AEJ’s willingness to share information suggests a commitment to educating others and contributing to the broader gamefowl community.
  • Mentorship: They may formally or informally mentor other breeders, helping to elevate breeding practices overall.

AEJ Gamefarm’s influence extends beyond producing champions. They actively contribute to the gamefowl community by sharing their breeding expertise and knowledge. This commitment to education and mentorship helps elevate breeding standards within the gamefowl world.

Reputation of AEJ Gamefarm to the Gamefowl Industry

AEJ Gamefarm has carved out a respected position within the gamefowl industry, propelled by a combination of championship pedigree and a dedication to the broader breeding community. Here are the reasons why AEJ stands out: 

World Slasher Cup Victory: Winning the 2017 World Slasher Cup is a significant achievement. It showcases the undeniable quality of their birds and their breeding expertise, and this victory established their name on an international stage.

Quality Bloodlines: Their use of renowned bloodlines like Golden Boy Sweater, 5K Sweater, Gilmore Hatch, Kearny Whitehackle, and Dom signals a commitment to producing birds with proven fighting qualities.

Success in the Ring: AEJ’s gamefowl will likely be consistent winners in local and regional competitions, further solidifying their reputation for breeding strong, battle-ready birds.

Knowledge Sharing: AEJ’s active online presence and willingness to share tips and insights with the gamefowl community demonstrates their passion and earns them respect from fellow breeders.

Community Respect: Positive mentions in online forums, YouTube videos from other breeders, and overall word-of-mouth praise contribute to AEJ’s positive reputation within the industry.

This multifaceted approach solidifies AEJ Gamefarm’s reputation as a successful breeder and an influential force within the global gamefowl community.


AEJ Gamefarm stands as a shining example of excellence within the gamefowl industry in the Philippines and internationally. Their dedication to utilizing legendary bloodlines and careful breeding and training practices has earned them a reputation for producing gamefowl of unmatched power, agility, and fighting spirit. The 2017 World Slasher Cup victory stands as undeniable proof of their success.

Beyond simply raising champions, AEJ fosters a spirit of knowledge-sharing and community building. They generously share their expertise with other breeders and enthusiasts, creating a robust global network centered around a shared passion for gamefowl. This multifaceted approach solidifies AEJ Gamefarm’s position as a true leader, shaping the present and future of the gamefowl world.

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